Video: Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks Sing 'Celebrate' from the Movie 'Sparkle'

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We have the officialvideo of the late Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks “Celebrate” from the movie Sparkle which comes out on August 17.

The upbeat song, which Houston recorded with co-star Sparks for their film, “Sparkle,” showcases Sparks and her co-stars enjoying an evening at home. Houston is not in the scene, though the May-shot footage is blended with video of her role in the movie: she plays the single mother of an aspiring vocal trio (Sparks, Carmen Ejogo and Tika Sumpter).

“We planned on it being Whitney and me, but she’s not here, so we wanted to make it a tribute to her,” Sparks told BET.

According to Sparks, the duo didn’t have the chance to record the track together.

“I would have loved to be in the studio with her, but with Whitney’s schedule it got so crazy [we never] found the time to get together, so we recorded it separately,” she told BET. “But it was amazing to be able to go in after she had already finished her part… It was so cool because you could just hear the smile in Whitney’s voice when she was singing it.”


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