Video: Was the 'X-Factor' Flasher Wearing a Thong?

Original: that reports 'X Factor' performer Geo Godley was actually wearing a small thong and did not expose his private parts on this week's infamous broadcast.

The program placed a large X over his groin after he dropped his pants, leading audiences and the Parents Television Council (which filed a formal complaint with the FCC today) to believe that he was partially nude, but two witnesses claim that Godley didn't expose himself. contributor Kyle Maddex says that Godley didn’t actually flash anybody in the audience and was wearing a thong: "Most of the audience was just shocked at what he was doing, because we couldn’t believe that we were seeing what we were seeing.”

This was confirmed by host Steve Jones, who told The Sun: “I was interviewing one guy before he went on and he had a glint in his eye. Then he goes out there on the stage and whips his trousers off to reveal a tiny little tie-dye G-string. Paula gagged and had to leave the arena because she was almost sick, Simon’s jaw hit the floor, everyone was screaming. I spoke to Simon backstage after and asked him what he thought. He said it was probably his favourite audition ever — and I agreed.”

Godley also wore a thong in his YouTube audition, which implies that the 'X Factor' judges' "appalled" reactions may have been a set-up.

L.A. Reid called it “offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting” and said “get him out of the building," while Nicole said “I’m a little traumatized." Paula Abdul left the stage to go dry heave in the bathroom.


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