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Video: Two Men Film Hilarious Reaction to Video of Woman Giving Birth

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Two men who knew very little about childbirth decided to educate themselves on the process by watching a video of one woman giving birth.

They filmed their reaction to the video and placed it on YouTube. The video clip already has thousands of views and comments.

In the video, they placed their camera next to them as they watched a four-minute clip of a woman standing up while giving birth.

At first, they did not seem phased by it, only confused as to how she could be capable of giving birth standing up, as one asked “Isn’t it going to fall out?” and the other quickly replied, “No they’re going to catch it.”

Their ignorance becomes even more obvious when one of the men later says, “I don’t wonder what’s on the other end of the umbilical cord insider her. I think her heart is connected to it,” while the other said, “My mom said I bit my own off.”

They soon want to forward the video to “the good bit,” but later regret it after the birth starts happening. 

The woman’s cries become louder and their reactions become more intense, as they cover their mouths and eyes with their shirts and insist “it’s fake, it’s fake,” and repeatedly scream “oh my God!”

Once one of the men sees blood, he begins to retch. 

While some people who have seen their reaction video on YouTube think it is funny, others say it is offensive.

“This shows a lot about immature men/boys,” Morgan Foster wrote on YouTube.

CeeCeeQty said, “Grow up mates. It’s the way of life,” and Hotspot989 said, “Guys you came from moms as well, now you understand how hard it is...”

But others have sympathized with the men, saying they had similar reactions.

“So glad I was born male,” one user wrote. Another wrote, “Yeah I remember having to watch a birth in 9th grade health, I never ever want to see anything that horrible again.”

It ends after a few minutes and the men conclude that they probably won’t be very good at supporting their wives if they become fathers.

One of them said, “I am sorry but I can’t be in the delivery room. I would freak out my wife.”



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