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Video: Trailer for Julia Roberts' New Film 'Mirror, Mirror'

The latest volley in the big battle of the dueling Snow White’s is a trailer for Tarsem Singh’s now titled Mirror, Mirror. You know, the one with Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer and Phil Collins’ daughter Lily.  That other one, Snow White and the Huntsman has Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart. It’s kind of like the Greek vs the Roman Gods…only not.  I can imagine that Universal rushed the SWatH trailer out there to capitalize on KStew’s ubiquity due to Breaking Dawn’s imminent opening. Relativity is probably hoping to stick the trailer for Mirror, Mirror on the coattails of the success of its latest release, Immortals.

These two films have since we saw the first images, appeared to be completely opposite each other in style and tone. This trailer confirms it. Where SWatH is dark and dramatic, Mirror, Mirror is light and frothy almost to the point of camp. Julia Roberts is clearly having a blast as the Evil Queen. Whether or not it works within the context of the entire film remains to be seen. This is either going to be a hot mess or a laugh riot.

Did that dwarf just say what I think he said? Yes. Yes he did. He went there. I don’t know about this. The script is by Jason Keller, whose only other credit is Machine Gun Preacher. Opinions differ wildly on that film as a whole but if you wanted to parse it out, in my opinion the script was the weakest aspect of it. I don’t know what that says about Mirror, Mirror. I can’t judge the entirety by the trailer, but it doesn’t make me hopeful. Mirror, Mirror still has the advantage of opening first, on March 16..


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