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Video: Tina Fey Takes a Shot at Lena Dunham

Tina Feywon a SAG Award for Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series.

Apparently, there has been a feud brewing between Tina Fey and her best friend Amy Poehler against Girls actress, Lena Dunham, who happened to beat them out for Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the Golden Globe Awards.

After Lena won the award she thanked the other nominees for getting her through middle school, making Tina Fey very uncomfortable. So much so that she was caught rolling her eyes when she heard it during her speech. Apparently Tina is not letting the little dig go without having the last word.

During her acceptance speech at the SAG Awards, Tina thanked her best pal Amy and said we’ve been friends for so long and I’ve known you since you were pregnant with Lena Dunham.

It makes one wonder what the two best friends are saying behind closed doors.

Do you think Lena meant to take a dig at Amy and Tina during the Golden Globes or was it meant to be a compliment?


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