Video: Teaser for 'Total Recall' Movie Starring Colin Farrell


We have yet another teaser for a trailer, this one for Len Wiseman’s remake of Total Recall. At this point I’m torn between continuing to support this growing trend, not because I can’t be bothered to bring you the latest and greatest, but because depending on the film involved, it just builds hype to unreasonable levels, in my opinion. And let’s face it, every time a studio throws together a teaser for a trailer they are about to roll out anyway (in the case of Total Recall, it’ll be this coming Sunday), I feel just a little bit duped.

However, having said all that, in the case of this particular film, we’ve had so little in terms of peeks behind the curtain or even studio sanctioned promotion, so I’m posting it. Frankly, the thirty three seconds of this teaser kick more ass than the entire movie did the first time around. (But that’s more a testament to the current state of the art of special effects than any fault of Paul Verhoeven or the original filmmakers. This one was RIPE for a remake.)

Starring Colin Farrell (a strange choice to replace Arnie on the face of it, but I like it), this version, with a script by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man), Kurt Wimmer (Law Abiding Citizen) & Mark Bomback (Unstoppable) is said to be more true to Philip K. Dick's original short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”, than Verhoeven's from 1990.


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