Video: 'The Talk' Hosts Sara Gilbert, Kris Jenner Cry


Friday on 'The Talk,' during a discussion about marriage (video below), co-host Kris Jenner wept over her late first husband Robert Kardashian, who defended accused murderer O.J. Simpson during the famous trial. Jenner said she wanted her kids to have that "same happiness," drawing applause from the audience.

Sara Gilbert then talked about her split from her female lover Allison Adler after ten years in August: “I feel like I don’t know if marriage is all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve never been married, but I was in a long relationship… It's emotional for me, because we’re not together.”

She choked up as she added: “I wouldn’t trade that time, it’s such a special time in my life. But then you see people in their 70s and you go like how do people do it? How do they make it last? And I would like to think that I can.”

Gilbert is executive producer of "The Talk," which has been shaking things up in recent months, bringing Kris Jenner and Sheryl Underwood onboard and firing Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete.


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