Video: Steve Martin Tries to Stop Alec Baldwin From Hosting 'Saturday Night Live'

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As Alec Baldwin started his record-breaking 16th time hosting 'Saturday Night Live' (video below), the former record holder, Steve Martin, walked on stage, claiming he had just been "passing by the studio in full makeup."

Martin said he wanted to make sure Baldwin wasn't doing his record-breaking appearance with the help of "steroids or performance-enhancing drugs."

After Baldwin said he wasn't, Martin asked him to prove it by peeing in a cup. In addition to a medical team, Martin also brought in "an expert on drug use," actor Seth Rogen.

After Baldwin handed the urine specimen over to Rogen, Martin grabbed it and took a sip. He claimed that he could taste vitamins, Baldwin's dinner and Cialis, but determined there were no steroids and allowed Baldwin to host the show.

In the show's opener, Baldwin did his impression of Texas Gov. Rick Perry in a mock up of the recent GOP debate (video below) with Mitt Romney and “six other people who’ll never be president, but showed up anyway.”

SNL regular Bill Hader, playing Fox News’ Shep Smith, opened the debate by apologizing for “the responses from previous audiences who booed a solider, cheered executions and applauded the death of an uninsured man. It was inappropriate.”


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