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Video: 'Star Wars' Game Directs Players to Torment Female Slave

The popular online game 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' finds itself in an asteroid field of criticism today thanks to a controversial storyline where players can torture a female character -- if they so choose.

While the overall game obviously has its legion of fans, some wonder if abusing a female character named Vette takes things just a little too far.

YouTube videos (below) taken from the game show players abusing Vette with an electric shock collar and slaps to the face.

According to The Daily Mail, Vette is a companion that accompanies Sith players, who are adversaries of the famed Jedi Knights (members through the ages have included Luke, Yoda and Ben Kenobi). The Mail says Vette is described as a "Slave, Treasure Hunter, Survivor."

It should be noted, says The Daily Mail, that players have the option to treat Vette kindly and have her follow them out of loyalty. However, that's not the behavior that has made headlines. Players also have the option of coercing her through pain and harm: "When players meet her,  they're offered the chance to give their slave "more juice," electrocuting her," the paper says.

Take a look and see for yourself. Is this harmless video gaming fun or something more disturbing?


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