There were many viral videos in 2012, but none are more memorable than "Gangnam Style" by Korean rapper Psy. 

The video made everyone that watched it want to get up and dance the Gangnam way. It also seemed to inspire everyone to make their own versions of it. 

Some "versions" of Gangnam Style were more popular than others. There were videos named after cities, like "London Style," and ethnicities like "Indian Style."

College Humor even made its own version called "Mitt Romney Style."

But now people have started to question the hilarity of the trend as a high school in Pennyslvania has made its own called "Spartan High School Style."

Many have said this version is the "Worst Video on the Entire Internet." It has over 11,000 dislikes on YouTube, and hundreds of hateful comments. One user said it made them want to "rip [their] ears off" and another said they wanted to "cancel the Internet."

The person who uploaded the video didn't want anyone to mistake the video as theirs, writing: "THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO. This is from my high school. And I hate my high school, so no shame."

A blogger from The Daily Crabbie said it is "dumb" but "it's not the worst thing in the history of the world."

Other YouTube comments seem to agree with the blogger, stating that they "have to like it because it's so bad." Some users gave the video an "A for effort."

While it certainly isn't the best version of Gangnam Style, it is pretty creative and fun. The creators might have been happier if they had kept it to themselves, though.


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