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Video: Sofia Vergara’s Son Confirms Her Engagement to Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara’s son has confirmed his mother’s engagement.

The Colombian actress received a proposal from her off/on boyfriend of two years, Nick Loeb, during her vacation to Mexico recently.

Vergara’s 19-year-old son Manolo revealed in a video diary, “As a little girl, she always wanted to go to the top of the pyramids. Unfortunately, people are not allowed to do that anymore.

“But since it was her birthday, her team worked for months on end to get her special permission to go up! Once they were to the top of the pyramid, my mother’s long-time boyfriend, Nick, proposed to her”.

In the video, Sofia is shown walking down from the pyramid with a huge ring on her finger.

The romantic moment was nearly spoiled by a security guard, who shouted, “We have evidence you went up! Just surrender yourself voluntarily. We have proof!”

Sofia’s guide explained the situation and were allowed to continue their vacation.

Check out the video of Vergara’s proposal and party here:


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