Video: Soccer Star David Beckham Goes Undercover on 'Ellen'


Soccer stud David Beckham tried his best to look unattractive and scruffy as he went undercover as a fragrance salesman at Target for a skit on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show.  Check out the video here!

David Beckham wore a store uniform, baseball cap, and huge, nerdy glasses as he tried to sell his Homme cologne at a Hollywood Target store.

Talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, seemed to be enjoying herself as she fed Beckham lines to say to the store customers.

David was playing the part of an Australian guy named Ricky, hawking the David Beckham fragrance.

One female customer stopped to check it out, with David (via Ellen) stating, “actually, let me spray it on my leg. It smells so much better.”

The audience cracked up as David accidentally said “a very rough extent” in his sales pitch, when Ellen had actually said the phrase “rustic scent”.

One customer said that “Ricky” looked like David Beckham and he replied, “I wish I looked like him.”

Here’s the video of David as a fragrance salesman:

David later appeared on “Ellen”, with Beckham sharing that he would like to have more children with wife Victoria.

David revealed if they “were lucky enough to have another one” they would be thrilled, adding, “We always spoke about having a big family. We love children.  We are very blessed to have four healthy children so if one comes along that would be amazing.”

Ellen presented David with a cute pink LA Galaxy tracksuit with his number on it for his newborn daughter Harper.


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