Video: Shia LaBeouf Gets Into Bar Fight

Shia LaBeouf is in Vancouver filming 'The Company You Keep' and has been a regular at a bar called the Cinema Public House according to a rep for the bar.

TMZ has the footage (video below) of Shia getting into a fight on the street outside the bar by some angry dude who ripped his shirt and had Shia on the ground. Apparently the two got into it in the bar and were told to leave by security.

When Shia tries to go after the guy (I guess he wanted his ass kicked a little more), a friend (or two) holds him back and one of them can be heard saying 'You gotta lay low right now'.

The person filming all of this then went inside the bar where he continued filming this friend talking to Shia and looking like he was just giving Shia proper sh*t. 

Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to this type of thing. Back in August he was alleged to have spit water on Marilyn Manson and his own girlfriend at an event. Shia has anger issues and maybe it's fueled by alcohol, I don't know. The dude needs to turn to yoga or something.

Toward the end of the video some guy from Vancouver wants to give Shia a hug. It's too funny. I'm sure Shia was totally in the mood to hug it up.


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