Video: Scarlett Johansson Calls Cell Phone Hacker "Pervy"

Scarlett Johansson stopped by David Letterman's last night while on her publicity tour for 'We Bought A Zoo' and the conversation naturally went to the nude leaked cell phone pics that made their way around the internet. While she was understandably mortified, Letterman gave her a different take on the situation:

"On the other hand, a way to look at it is a lovely thing for mankind,"

Apparently during the time he was hacking into her email her password kept changing constantly:

"So it meant the guy was really there constantly," she said. "He was just sitting there all pasty and sweaty and pervy and weird and that's the creepiest thing, really."

She also tells how her grandmother heard the reason she and Ryan Reynolds split up was because he was forcing her to have children. She then imitates her grandmother leaving her a message about that 'bastard' Ryan Reynolds. It's hysterical!


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