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Video: 'Saturday Night Live' Parodies Miley Cyrus' Pot Smoking

Miley Cyrus made headlines this week with her 19th birthdayparty when she was heard saying,

“You know you smoke too much f’n weed when your friends get you a Bob Marley cake.”

SNL had a little bit of fun with Cyrus during a skit, ‘The Miley Cyrus Show’ where she had some trouble getting through an attempted joke, opting to eat chips and giggle through her opening monologue.

From there, bandleader Billy Ray Cyrus chimed in to say, “You’re like a funny little Cheech Marin.”

Once settled into her seat, Miley welcomes guests including an acquaintance named Jeff whom she met at “Burning Man” followed by a Whitney Houston appearance portrayed by SNL alum Maya Rudolph.

As always, Maya is hysterical with her awesome portrayal of Whitney.

Check out all the videos from last night’s SNL here.


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