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Video: Sandra Bullock Says She Smuggles Sausages

Actress Sandra Bullock shared her Christmas tradition that was started by her deceased mother.

The family imports sausages from Germany every year.

“Since my mother passed, we break the law, because we have to manage to smuggle German sausages into the country, and apparently bringing meats across the waters is against the law,” Bullock, 47, told JayLeno during an appearance on The Tonight Show. “You fry ‘em up with some sauerkraut and potato salad, but they have to be the right ones.”

The Oscar-winning actress said her family sends out an “SOS” to their family overseas to send the meats to the United States.

“We just have to break the law a little bit, but eventually someone’s package gets through,” she told Leno.

When pressed about the method, Bullock said with a smirk: “I’m not at liberty to divulge how we smuggle the sausage.”

“When you put it that way,” Leno said, “I don’t want to know.”


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