Video: Russell Brand vs. 'Katy Perry' Heckler

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During his stand-up routine at the Borgata Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, last week, comedian Russell Brand confronted a heckler who was yelling out the name of Brand's ex-wife Katy Perry and "God save the Queen!"

Brand turned up the house lights, went into the audience and tried to fend off the heckler with a long and rambling string of insults that seemed more analytical than funny.

According to the NY Daily News, Brand said:

"I want to see what this person looks like, turn the lights on for me because I really want to achieve some sort of confirmation," he continued as he hopped off the stage and into the audience to locate the offender. "Let's have a look. Come here, let's see you."

"Let's see how your mental illness looks in the daylight. It's you, is it? Oh dear. I was hoping that your personality was just a result of physical beauty. But then I saw you. I thought, 'This guy's confident, probably, because he's incredibly handsome,' but look at you.

"You look like somebody who's fallen off the outside of a church! And what is it that you have rattling around your mind, some bizarre combination of alcohol and idiocy ... some cocktail of nothing. And yet the confidence to continue shouting. They say of course, don't they, that empty vessels make the most noise. What an enormous echo of nothingness from you."

"I know on some level, despite your physical appearance to an ape, that you're a human being."


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