Video: Russell Brand Engaging in More Yoga Than Sex

Russell Brand taped an interview with Piers Morgan that airs tonight in which about his sex life, or lack thereof (although I find that difficult to believe given that seemed to be an issue being married: not enough sex), and how he is doing yoga several hours a day to quell his anger issues:

“Pretty good," Brand says. "For the first time in my life I spend more time meditating and doing yoga than I do having sex.” The ladies’ man is quick to add, “That’s only because I do a hell-of-a-lot of yoga. And they’re still neck and neck!”

He gets back to his stand up roots in his new show on FX called Brand X in which he gets being the stories in pop culture:

“the stories behind the news,” finding humor in the “agenda” of those that publish the news.

“It’s usually pretty funny, like, the way that they’ll [the media] use the nationality of a stories protagonist to take it in a particular direction,” Brand explained. “I just think there are peculiar stereotypes and agendas served.”

You know the other day I was wondering if he would ever do an interview with say Oprah or Barbara Walters and be serious in it without going off in different directions trying to be funny. And if that ever happened (and I'm not holding my breath) what, if any, would bring him to his knees?


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