Video: Rocker Dave Grohl Smacks Down 'Glee'


On 'Chelsea Lately,' rocker Dave Grohl tried to explain why he said "f*** Glee" in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter (video below).

The founder of the Foo Fighters said: "I read something that the creator of 'Glee' ... was kind of mouthing off about some friends of mine in rock bands. I just think as a musician you should be able to say 'no.' You should be able to say, 'no I don't want to do your show.' "

Grohl added: "Why is that necessary for you ... as a rock musician in your career (to) have to say, 'Okay 'Glee,' take my song and turn it into a f****** musical.' "

Does Grohl have a point? Should rock stars be able to turn down 'Glee' without getting slammed by the producers? What do you think?


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