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Video: Rihanna’s New Album ‘Talk That Talk’

Rihanna has just released her sixth album “Talk That Talk” and it is a for sure hit (video below)!

With the assistance of producers like Calvin Harris, Dr. Luke and Bangladesh and the amazing writing of Ester Dean, “Talk That Talk” proves that Rihanna is still one of the top pop princesses around.

The 11-track album was led by its first single “We Found Love” with has been sitting on top of the iTunes charts for weeks now and the next single “You Da One” is sure to become another success for Rihanna.

This Rihanna’s sixth album in 5 years. With singles from her previous album “LOUD” still sitting on the charts, do we really need an album this quickly?

Maybe not, but the album is definitely worth a listen and in my opinion surpasses “LOUD” on many levels.

This is definitely Rihanna’s most sexually suggestive/aggressive album with lyrics that would make a stripper blush. The first to come to mind would be in the song “Cockiness” where she asks the listener to “suck her cockiness” and to “lick her persuasion.”

Uncomfortable yet?

But to her credit, this is also one of her most cohesive albums, focusing mostly on how she wants her love and lovers.

Obviously the strongest track from the album is “We Found Love,” but some other songs worthy of mention would be: “Talk That Talk (feat. Jay-Z),” ”Roc Me Out,” “Watch n’ Learn,” and of course “Cockiness.”

Buy Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” on iTunes and in stores today!

Rihanna was on The X Factor UK on Sunday where she did a not so raunchy performance of “We Found Love.”

Check it out below…


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