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Video: Red Dwarf Returns to TV

“Red Dwarf” returns with a new six-part series featuring the original cast Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn!

“Dr. Who” is the BBC sci-fi series that gets all of the attention and the praise, but the show I used to love watching more than The Doctor and his parade of companions , was “Red Dwarf”.

“Red Dwarf”, for the uninitiated, was a show about a dreadlocked, curry eating slacker who happens to be the last man in the universe (Dave Lister played by Craig Charles), stuck on a mining ship with an unctuous hologram of a former crew officers, a cyborg and a cat whose been mutated into a man/feline hybrid.

The first couple of seasons were likened to “Waiting for Godot” in space, but funnier,and I think that’s an apt comparison. Later seasons monkeyed around with the concept, doing things like killing off Lt. Rimmer (the hologram played by Chris Barrie. I suppose he had to go try his hand at a film career, appearing in things like the Laura Croft flicks) and adding a love interest for Lister. (A much better recap of what went on in seasons past can be found at BleedingCool.)

The original cast is back and we have some pics of Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn. Too bad Danny John Jules wasn’t there. I miss “The Cat”. Here;s the tiniest of teases:


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