Video: Rapper T.I. Stops Fight Between Diddy and Fan

On Saturday night, recently-released from jail rapper T.I. hosted an after-party for the BET Hip-Hop Awards at the Atlanta hot spot Club Compound with Sean (Diddy) Combs. When Diddy got mad at a partygoer who was drinking a bottle of Grey Goose vodka instead of the Diddy's own Ciroc brand, he turned on the offender.

In a video (below) of the incident obtained by GrindHD.com, Diddy can be seen tossing ice at the man and eventually snatching a cup out of the audience member's hand.

Jumping in to diffuse the situation, T.I. took the microphone away from Diddy and said: "Puff, you got too much money." T.I., who is on probation, told Diddy to just let clubgoers drink what they wanted: "I love you and will go to war for you, but come on man!"


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