Video: Rapper Maino Gets Shot on Stage

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In a somewhat shocking video that surfaced today on In Flex We Trust, Brooklyn rapper Maino (real name: Jermaine Coleman) appears to get shot while performing on stage.

Details of what exactly happened remain murky at the moment, but the clip is basically 15 seconds of Maino rapping, followed by a distinct popping noise, and then the sight of Maino collapsing.

It’s probably also worth noting that, because of the way that this clip was shot, it’s impossible to tell if this is actually Maino or not.

Faith in humanity leads us to believe that Flex and DJ Bobby Trends wouldn’t just say that the guy in the video is Maino for no reason, though.

VIDEO: RAPPER @mainohustlehard GETS SHOT!!!


We'll update this story as more news comes in.

Update: According to Maino's Twitter, it was just for a movie. He's good. Go buy The Day After Tomorrow.

(Kudos Flex, DJ Bobby Trends)


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