Video: Quadruplets Laugh Hysterically as Dad Makes Funny Faces

A father uploaded a video of him and his four babies sitting at a table built specially for them. The baby girls are quadruplets, and had four tiny chairs built into a wooden table to make feeding and eating easier.

But they also, apparently, use the table for entertainment. The father is seen making funny faces at the babies, who all start laughing hysterically for the entire video.

The combination of the babies looking like they are at a business meeting and the echoing of each other's laughs makes the clip even funnier. 

The father uploaded the video in 2010, and it has over one million views on YouTube. 

Many commenters have discussed the cuteness of the clip.

"Weird how a cute thing can be made cuter by being multiplied," a viewer wrote. "One duckling, sweet. Five ducklings, you're in Hallmark territory."

Another wrote, "SOOOO stinking cute!! They sound like a dozen Oompa Loompas cackling - adorable!!"

Despite the cuteness overload, some people have found the video creepy.

"With the way everybody is placed around the table, it looks like a meeting for super villains." 

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube


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