Video: President Bill Clinton Pranks Celebrities

In a new Funny or Die video (below), Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Ted Danson and Kristen Wiig pitch ideas during a meeting for the fictional 'Clinton Foundation's Celebrity Division.'

Wiig suggests that everyone in the world should hold their breath for a minute every day in order to reduce carbon emissions, while Penn passes around flyers complaining that someone keeps stealing his lunch from the refrigerator and Damon pushes an idea for a company softball team.

Stiller, who's leading the meeting, freaks out about how terrible everyone's pitches are, when Clinton calls in for a progress report.  Instead of hating their ideas, Clinton gives his seal of approval, but the camera then cuts to the other end of the line, and it's Kevin Spacey pretending to be Clinton.

But the real Bill Clinton gets the last laugh when he walks in on Spacey: "Kevin, what did I tell you about making crank calls in my office?"


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