Video: Paula Deen Gropes an Uncomfortable Matt Lauer

Appearing on the 'Today' show for a cooking segment with Matt Lauer, TV chef Paula Deen began flirting and groping the host while making one fo her high calorie dishes, mashed potatoes.

"Why do you like buttermilk in so many recipes?" Lauer asked.

"The buttermilk gives it a little tang, just a little bite," Deen replied, squeezing his cheek.

"You get named the sexiest chef on TV and start flirting with everybody," Lauer nervously responded.

Later, Deen asked Lauer to mash the butter into the potatoes and offered "a great way to keep your potatoes hot while you're going," and gave him a good groping from behind.

"I make you nervous, don't I?" Deen asked.


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