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Video: Paris Hilton Working as DJ

Yes just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than the release of Octomom’s porno, here it is the moment the Mayans predicted would happen in 2012… Paris Hilton is a DJ.

The millionaire heiress has done it all. She was in a sex tape, she was a singer, she was on reality TV, but now she has decided to bring her “talent” to the DJ booth.

Paris was DJing during a concert in Brazil when she debuted a new song off her upcoming album called, “Last Night.”

To be fair I’m sure the music is very danceable and might actually be good, I mean she did work with (and date) the great DJ Afrojack!

“I’ve partied all around the world … to the best parties … but I’ve never seen anyone party like you guys do in Brazil,” Paris told the crowd.

Unfortunately for the 31-year-old Paris, her performance did not come without some blunders.

During the performance some mocked and booe the wannabe DJ as you will hear in the video.

Also during the song someone had to come up and adjust a nob on the turn table… perhaps to turn it on?

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