Video: Omar Sharif Gets Angry with Fan

Omar Sharif has a reputation for being a hot-headed lunatic of a man and TMZ has video of him slapping a  woman because she got a little pushy trying to get a picture at the film festival in Qatar this morning.

It doesn't look very pushy but in a lunatic's world I guess it is. He instantly gets angry and you would think she just killed his pet dog that's how angry he got. Clearly he has 'issues'. Mind you a man like this probably hates dogs.

She just kind of smiles and then when he deems it appropriate (my feminazi self is in great restraint right now let me tell you, but suffice it to say the hairs on my arms are pretty much standing at attention) and invites her for a picture she stands there. SMILING.

Sometimes I do not understand people at all and this is a prime example. None of it makes sense. Suffice it to say I think Omar Sharif is an effing assh*le.

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