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Video: Olympian Ryan Lochte Reveals Crush on Blake Lively

Blake Lively leaving Ryan Reynolds for Ryan Lochte? Not yet….but she definitely has the option.

Ryan Lochte, the Olympic gold medalist, sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan for an interview where he spoke about dating, women and who he would like to be stranded on a with on a desert island.

Lochte clarified the statement his mother made about Ryan not having time for a relationship and how he ‘prefers one night stands.’ With the media frenzy surrounding the statement, Ryan said he prefers relationships but doesn’t have the time. And no – he doesn’t go for the ‘one night stands’ everyone thought his mother meant. Get your mind out of the gutter. Ryan does date women once or twice but just doesn’t have the time for a relationship.

If he did have the time for a relationship or was stranded on a desert island, Lochte told Piers,

”Right now… Blake Lively. Yeah, she’s gorgeous.”

Lochte has never met Lively, but Morgan doesn’t think it’d be a problem for him to get her away from Ryan Reynolds.


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