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Video: Olivia Munn Interrupts Taylor Swift During People's Choice Awards

Taylor Swift must have a sign taped on her back that reads, "Please mess with me at awards shows!" interrupted

The songstress welcomed her second interruption while receiving and award on Wednesday night at the People's Choice Awards.

Olivia Munn and her co-host Johnny Galecki presented the award to Taylor talking about how "country" they were as a couple. Olivia said that Taylor's song, We Are Never Getting Back Together was written about her.

When Taylor came up to get her award Olivia joked saying, "Well this is awkward."

Check out the video of the incident above.

Olivia later tweeted:

"Had fun w/Johnny Galecki presenting @TaylorSwift13 her #PeoplesChoice Award. As a true country music fan, the People picked right."

At least unlike Kanye West's interruption, this one was in good fun.


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