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Video: Nicki Minaj's Controversial Exorcism Performance at Grammys

Performing at the Grammys last night, Nicki Minaj stirred controversy with a bizarre performance on stage, which included an exorcism with levitation, fire, lighting and gibberish during her new song 'Roman Reloaded' (video below).

As a church choir sang a strange rendition of 'Come All Ye Faithful,' Minaj strapped herself to a leather table and was lifted into the air as flames burned beneath.

In a pre-taped skit, Minaj also sang 'I Feel Pretty,"'while putting on lipstick and a priest-figure was brought into her room to find out what was wrong with the "sick child."

Some say Minaj was mocking the Catholic faith and performance drew Lady Gaga comparisons because she wore a long bleached blonde wig.


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