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Video: New Movie Trailer for 'Broken City' Starring Mark Wahlberg

Broken City, with Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Mark Wahlberg (sorry Marky Mark, Oscar winners first) opens tomorrow, January 18 here in the US. Remember my motto: “Beware the films of January”? Well this one seems to be a cut above the usual dreck (as was Gangster Squad). It’s not getting rave reviews, but it’s not being completely panned either. If you like cop dramas, intrigue, conspiracy, Russell Crowe chewing scenery and Mark Wahlberg using his mad face, then there is probably a lot to like.

Today we have a new tv spot called “Prepare”, as well as a tv spot that uses actual Tweets to sell the movie. Check them out below.

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Broken City also stars Jeffrey Wright, Kyle Chandler, Justin Chambers, Barry Pepper, Griffin Dunne, Michael Beach and Natalie Martinez (End of Watch) and it’s directed by Allen Hughes. One half of The Hughes Brothers responsible for The Bookof Eli, From Hell, Dead Presidents. Broken City opens January 18 in the US and 25th January in the UK.


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