Video: New Movie Trailer for 'Battleship'

I’ve decided to lighten up on this whole Battleship thing. (I've made my feelings on the matter clear in previousposts.) For one thing, I want Taylor Kitsch to succeed. He’s just so damn likeable (I almost typed lickable. What’s wrong with me?) If the producers of this movie were counting on John Carter to have made him a household name in time for Battleship’s release, they might not have gotten exactly what they wished for. I do think that John Carter will help Battleship in foreign markets where it's doing very well.

But after watching this latest trailer, it won’t matter. He’ll have enough name recognition to make it a bonus that there are “known” stars in it, but ultimately this movie will do well because it’s a great big noisy summer blockbuster full of aliens and explosions and Brooklyn Decker. John Carter, while we’re comparing, probably asked a little too much from its audience, namely that they be able to keep up with an intricate plot in between the 3D CGI set pieces. I don’t harbor any illusions that Battleship will be as demanding. And that’s okay. I think going to see Battleship on a warm late spring, early summer afternoon, sitting in the conditioned air of the blackened theater with a big ole vat o’popcorn could still be an enjoyable experience.

There is talent behind the camera and in front of it, regardless of what one might think about the whole ‘CGI and Transformers‘ genre. Unless Peter Berg has screwed this thing up and has just managed to hide it from the trailers, he should have  a massive hit on his hands.  Enjoy the trailer. Battleship opens in the UK on 11th April and May 18 in the US.


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