Video: New 'Breaking Dawn: Part 1' Trailer, Pregnant, Dying Bella


A new movie trailer for 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1' was released today with the scenes of a pregnant and dying Bella fighting for her life (video below).

The two and a half minute trailer opens with Bella trying to calm her nerves before walking down the aisle. Clutching her father's arm, she says, "Just don't let me fall, Dad."

She says her vows with Edward, with the Cullen family proudly looking on.

A brief glimpse of the newlyweds' honeymoon and wedding night is shown, but their happiness is short-lived when they discover Bella is pregnant with a half human, half vampire baby.

Bella's health rapidly deteriorates and she is shown looking deathly pale and thin as Dr. Cullen informs her that her heart will give out before she can deliver her child. As Bella fights to protect her baby and live long enough to deliver it healthily, the wolves hear of the unborn child and decide it is a threat.

The preview ends with Bella collapsing, and Edward and Jacob rushing to save her life and deliver the baby.


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