Video: Nancy Grace Thought 'Dancing with the Stars' Offer was a Joke

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Appearing on ‘Good Morning America’ (video below), HLN host Nancy Grace said that she was shocked to be offered a spot on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

She was reportedly en route to a hearing for the Casey Anthony trial when she received the offer.

Grace recalled, "I was en route to the courtroom in the car and at first, I thought I was getting punk'd. That someone had somehow gotten the Time Warner CNN cell number and was kidding me about doing 'Dancing With the Stars.'“

Prepping for the Monday Sept. 19 premiere, the acidic legal host said that she's had to bandage up her feet: "I'm used to doing battle in court and my feet have never really been an issue. I'm trying to keep up."

Grace also had nice things to say about felow contestant Chaz Bono, “I met Chaz, an absolutely lovely person. I'm just waiting to see how he dances. I just don't think it's our business to judge other people for their personal decisions. Unless Chaz commits a felony, I don't have a problem."

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