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Video: Nancy Grace Kicked Off 'Dancing with the Stars'

On the eighth episode of Dancing With The StarsNancy Grace and her partner Tristan MacManus  were given the boot (video below).  Last night  Nancy Grace’s tango with Tristan McManus only received 24 points, while their jive – which included a performance-ending cartwheel – only scored 20 points.  The judges were less than impressed with her performance.  If you missed last nights show read our official recap here!

On her Tango performance the judges said:   Len: Week 2 you did the best dance for me and since then you have been on a plateau. But now after all this well done. Bruno: I am so shocked you brazen Jessabel. It was the right attitude. Carrie Ann: I love your spirit and you never stop. What you did tonight was very sharp. Your toes were not pointed as they should be and you had a little stumble tonight. But, great job anyway!  See the video of her Tango performance here!

The comments on her instant jive were: Len said:  You have the Cinderella story but for me it is midnight and it is time to go home.  Bruno said:  The Jive is a very energetic dance.  It was too laid back and loose.  Carrie Ann said:  Unfortunately you got lost in the choreography.  You both are a team and have great energy but you got lost in the dance.  See the video of her instant Jive performance here!

What do you think, did the right person go home tonight?  Check out Nancy’s being eliminated in the video below!


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