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Video: Movie Trailer for 'Stolen' Starring Nicolas Cage

Okay, so this latest Nicolas Cage opus, Stolen, used to be called Medallion. It’s director is Simon West who also directed Nic in Con Air and very well may direct him in The Expendables 3 if current rumors are true. West directed The Expendables 2 and Cage, it has been announced, will appear in #3. West also directed the first Lara Croft: Tombraider and The Mechanic, among others. His next project is said to be Thunder Run with Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington and Matthew McConaughey. His name is not currently attached to The Expendables 3.

In any case, Stolen (which was actually filmed before The Expendables 2 and I keep wanting to call Taken and I don’t think that’s an accident), also stars Malin Akerman, Josh Lucas (who appears to be doing some bizarre riff on Bradley CooperinHit & Run, although maybe it's the other way around) and Danny Huston and we have the first domestic trailer (via Yahoo Movies).

“Will Montgomery is a master thief who after being double-crossed in a heist gone awry is sent to prison for 8 years. Upon his release he’s ready to leave his criminal past behind and try to rebuild a relationship with his estranged daughter Allison. The FBI and his old cohorts believe that he hid the loot from the last heist eight years ago, $10 million in bonds. To get his hands on it, his old partner Vincent kidnaps Allison and demands the entire $10 million as ransom. Keeping her in the soundproofed trunk of a taxi cab, he’s able to stay mobile amongst the throngs of taxis out during Mardi Gras, making it nearly impossible to find. Montgomery only has one day to get the $10 million ransom, but much to the disbelief of the FBI on his trail and Vincent, Will doesn’t actually have it. Instead, he must trust his instincts and his old partner in crime, the beautiful, sexy and smart Riley, to do one more clever heist to get his daughter back alive before it’s too late.”

Also starring Mark Valley (“Fringe”, “Harry’s Law”), Sami Gayle (Detachment) and M.C. Gainey, Lionsgate drops Stolen into US theaters on September 14, but no word on a UK date.  The film has an official site in Japan.


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