Video: Movie Trailer for 'Sassy Pants'

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New Year, new movie: Sassy Pants is a new independent comedy about a sheltered teenaged girl, her clinging  mother, her gay dad and his much younger lover…and fashion.  It’s set to premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival at the end of January. I suppose the big news is that the younger lover, Chip, who forms a relationship with his much older boyfriend’s naïve daughter, is played by Haley Joel “I see dead people…” Osment.


Bethany Pruitt (Rickards) is valedictorian of her class – her one student homeschool class. Stuck with younger brother Shayne (Spanjers) under their perky but oppressive mother June’s (Gunn) thumb, Bethany’s only escape is a teen fashion ‘zine courtesy of her absentee gay dad.

Life at dad Dale’s (Bader) mobile home is no picnic either. Despite the close bond she forms with his fun, younger boyfriend, Chip (Osment) Dad’s self-loathing, alcoholic outbursts weigh heavy on Bethany. She finds solace selling cloathes at a cheap, trendy retail chain, Jail Bait, but her petty, cutthroat coworkers cause a new set of “real world” navigation problems.

When Bethany learns about Fashion Art Technology Institute, aka F.A.T.I., she sees a chance to break free once and for all and forge her own brighter future. How she gets there will redefine her and her family and maybe even update her wardrobe.

The feature debut of writer/director Coley Sohn, based on her own short film, Boutonniere, the film also stars Anna Gunn, Diedrich Bader, Ashely Rickards, Martin Spanjers, Rene Rosado, Shanna Collins, Drew Droege, and Jenny O’Hara. No word on what happens after Santa Barbara, but I hope someone picks it up. I want to see this!  (trailer via Comingsoon)


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