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Video: Movie Trailer for 'Playing for Keeps' Starring Gerard Butler

So we finally have a new poster for Playing for Keeps. Thank you Millennium and Film District, that’s much better. It's so much better than the last one that I'm using the teenie weenie version above. Now could we have it bigger? (I know I’m never satisfied.)

We also have the first trailer! *demented poodle dance* Gerard Butler (who is also a producer) plays George Dryer, ex-pro footballer, okay soccer player, (how cool is it that George’s old team was Celtic?) and Jessica Biel plays his ex-wife and the mother of his son, Stacie.

While this appears much more warm and cuddly than I was initially led to believe when the film was announced back in the Spring of 2011, what with all that talk of randy soccer moms, I should have known what I was in for with the title change. Playing the Field suggests a completely different tone than Playing for Keeps is obviously taking.

Okay so it’s probably as predictable as it appears, but that is beside the point. This movie will be a success if Gabriele Muccino has managed to harness Gerard Butler’s natural charm that has eluded countless directors before him. (It certainly eluded Andy Tennant. How he managed to suck the life out of both Butler and Aniston is beyond me. Watch an interview with the two of them. They have enough chemistry to cure cancer, but it was not in evidence on the screen.).

I can’t make a judgment about Butler and Biel yet because this first trailer focused primarily on George’s relationship with his son. The child actor who plays Lewis, Noah Lomax, is adorable without precocity and his scenes with Butler seem natural and unforced. Indeed, this could end up being G’s most natural performance in a long time and not just because it allows him to use his own Scottish accent. (Although the film gets automatic points for that, I will admit.)

Catherine Zeta Jones and Dennis Quaid seem to be having good, breezy fun. We only get a brief glimpse of Uma Thurman, so I have to wonder if they’re saving her for the next trailer and it’s her character that ends up being much more of a threat to George’s attempt to rebuild his family unit than Zeta Jones’.

A charming, down-on-his luck former soccer star returns home to put his life back together. Looking for a way to rebuild his relationship with his son, he gets roped into coaching the boy's soccer team. But his attempts to finally become an "adult" are met with hilarious challenges from the attractive "soccer moms" who pursue him at every turn.

Playing for Keeps, written by Robbie Fox (So I Married An Axe Murderer) and also starring Judy Greer, James Tupper and Sean O’Bryan will open in the US on December 7 and on 1st February in the UK.  You can follow the film on FB (where the images below can be found) and on Twitter @playingforkeeps 


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