Video: Movie Trailer for 'The Paperboy' Starring Matthew McConaughey

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There are a lot of films set to bow at the Cannes Film Festival in the next couple of weeks that I am truly looking forward to. One is certainly Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy. Based Pete Dexter’s acclaimed novel, it’s got an eclectic cast that is capable of great things.

The question remains whether or not Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack and Nicole Kidman have brought their A games.  Both McConaughey and Kidman have turned in great performances of late (enough so that Kidman gets a pass for Trespass and I can’t wait to see Matty in Killer Joe and Mud – more on that one later) shedding their “movie star” personas and Cusack is always good,  enough to make you wish he got better material to work with (ie: The Raven).

We’ve got your first clip from The Paperboy (thanks to our friends at indieWire) and I think it reaffirms what I just said. The scene is a prison visitors’ room and the clip shows us Matthew McConaughey as Ward James, a journalist out to clear John Cusack’s Hilary van Wetter of the crime for which he’s sitting on death row.  Both actors appear to be in top form.

The clip is brief but since it’s marked #4, I hope that means we’ll be getting more of them in the coming weeks. I’m anxious to hear what those who will see it in Cannes have to say about it. 

An idealistic reporter for the Miami Times returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving the murder of a local sheriff. He’s eventually helped by his younger brother, Jack (Zac Efron) as they investigate the possible wrongful conviction of a death row inmate (John Cusack). Matthew McConaughey plays Ward James, who teams with another reporter ( David Oyelowo as Yardley). During the course of the investigation, Jack falls for the woman (Kidman) whom the convict has been romancing through prison correspondence.

The Paperboy doesn’t have domestic or UK release dates yet. I’m betting that will change after Cannes.You can see more of the pics we have for The Paperboy here.


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