Video: Movie Trailer for 'The Oranges' Starring Hugh Laurie

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen funny Hugh Laurie. (Other than that badly photoshopped poster above, that is.) There’s a generation who only sees him as Dr. Gregory House. I see him as one half of Fry & Laurie (the Fry being Stephen Fry for the uninitiated) or even as Jeeves to Fry’s Wooster, or as the Prince Regent in "Black Adder the Third".

We’ve seen the green-band, now thanks to Yahoo, we have a red-band version of the trailer for The Oranges. The film follows a suburban father (Laurie) who falls for the daughter (Leighton Meester) of his best friend (Oliver Platt), and things become sufficiently awkward and unpredictable for everyone involved as the affair threatens to wreck the close ties between the families.

 Hugh Laurie is funny again. 

The Ostroff and Walling families of West Orange, NJ, couldn't be closer – that is, until Walling patriarch David falls for Ostroff daughter Nina, making life just a bit awkward for both himself and the families.

The Oranges, which debuted at TIFF last fall costars Allison Janney, Catherine Keener, Alia Shawkat  and Adam Brody. It’s directed by Julian Farino with a (Blacklisted) screenplay by Ian Helfer & Jay Reiss. The Oranges gets a limited US release starting October 5.


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