Video: Movie Trailer for New James Bond Film 'Skyfall'


After yesterday's TV spot we finally get a new Bond trailer and it's looking awesome. Here's what we made of it...

Main points:

  • M writes Bond's obituary
  • List of undercover agents is stolen
  • Bond gets shot with a sniper rifle by Naomi Harris
  • First look at Ben Whishaw as Q
  • Bond in the shower with Berenice Marlohe's Severine
  • Javier Bardem as the bad guy looks a lot like Keith Lemon
  • Reason for awful Tube service in London is revealed
  • Everything will be on fire at some point
  • Bond jumps onto disintegrating train, possibly becoming a bit like XXX again, a la the surfing scene in Die Another Day

Incidentally, did anyone else think that palmprint signature PPK was a bit, well, rubbish? You should have done.


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