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Video: Movie Trailer for 'Monsters University' from Disney/Pixar

The teasers for Pixar’s upcoming Monsters University prequel are an inspired work of joy. First we had an entire website detailing the admission process and courses available at MU. Now there’s a TV commercial promoting the institution’s academic opportunities. If they don’t build a full size replica of the campus and let us visit, we’re going to be very sad (someone built a life size Up house so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility).

We saw a lengthy, unfinished excerpt from Monsters University just before Christmas. Unfortunately we’re embargoed from telling you everything about it. You’ve got Monsters Inc 3D to come first, anyway. We’ve seen that too, and even though we normally hate 3D it really works in this instance. You feel like you’re actually on the scare floor. And the preceding short film For The Birds had one little girl in front of us stretching out her hand trying to stroke the feathers. Aw etc. 


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