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Video: Movie Trailer for 'Man of Steel'

So this is supposedly the trailer for the new Superman film, Man of Steel, that premiered at Comic Con yesterday. We say supposedly because it's almost impossible to make anything out. It's honestly the worst quality video we've ever seen.

Not that we're complaining mind. An almost unwatchable trailer is better than no trailer at all, and the sound seems ok. However, mitigating the general uselessness of the clip somewhat, we've do have a description of what actually happened by the fellow who uploaded it onto YouTube:

Flashes of Smallville were shown, including the Kent farm house and a shot of a young Clark Kent running in a red cape. A grown up and bearded Clark then walks on a snowy road with a voice-over from Russell Crow's Jor-El (talking about children being, "inspired to greater things") and Kevin Costner's Jonathan Kent giving Clark advice on becoming the man he wants to be. Clark is then shown in the Kent barn looking at the spaceship he crashed to Earth in, and holding a small piece of metal with the iconic "S" logo on it. The footage then flashes to different periods in his life, offering a look at Clark as a teenager saving a bus full of children who have crashed in the water as he pulls the door off.

"People are afraid of what they don't understand," says Costner as the scene transitions to Clark talking to what appears to be a holographic projection of Jor-El (although it apparently seemed as if they were standing right in front of one another). Superman is then finally shown in full costume. First from a distance, and then walking across a snowy landscape. The iconic superhero is seen flying and catching someone who falls from a building (presumably in Metropolis) with only a single flash of Lois Lane, before Superman is spotted in costume - and seemingly in handcuffs - being led down a hallway by armed guards.

We next see Clark in an elevator lifting glasses to his face, before the footage concluded with a shot of him shirtless and on fire, and then being thrown into the bank vault revealed in the first official image released last year. When the footage was played a second time, it was also noted that it contains a very brief glimpse of Zod, Superman pulling himself out a pile of skulls, the military turning their weapons on Superman and a woman claiming to have seen Clark saving her child when he was a teenager.



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