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Video: Movie Trailer for Madonna's 'W.E.'

I’m one of those that sees conspiracy around every corner so it’s not a stretch for me to think that it is no coincidence that Optimum Releasing and The Weinstein Company have dropped a new clip from Madonna’s now Golden Globe winning film, W.E. the day after the film picked up an award. Of course the Globe was for Best Original Song, but don’t get me started on that. (Whatever Harvey wants, Harvey gets. Everyone knows that, including Meryl Streep.)

The clip is simple, a dance scene in which Andrea Riseborough’s Wallis Simpson begins the dance in the arms of her current husband, Ernest Simpson (David Harbour) and ends it in the arms of her future husband, James D’Arcy as Edward, then still the Prince of Wales. There is no doubt this film will be visually stunning. The period costumes have already been the subject of a Vogue pictorial and Riseborough looks more completely like Wallis Simpson than any actress who has played her before.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the thing comes together as a film with a cohesive narrative. It’s ambitious with two main story lines taking place in different decades with essentially two casts. Abbie Cornish and Oscar Isaac play the contemporary pair. Of course, Cornish hasn’t been seen since TIFF in connection with the film. Does Madge feud with everyone?

Enjoy the clip and the new pics and posters. W.E. opens this Friday, 20th January in the UK an February 3 in the US.


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