Video: Movie Trailer for 'Lawless'


John Hillcoat’s Lawless, (formerly titled The Wettest County in the World, after the book upon which it’s based, and then shortened to The Wettest County), which was already in my top ten just moved right up to the top of my MUST SEE list for 2012. (Not that it matters much since I don’t get to decided what gets released when and I just have to wait for it like everyone else.)

Here’s the first official trailer for the film, which is based on a novel based on a true story (the first anything other than two stills cadged from print publications), which stars Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Jason Clarke as the fearsome Bondurant brothers of Franklin Virginia, infamous bootleggers who ran ‘shine long after Prohibition was repealed.

Even though Tom Hardy’s physical appearance doesn’t quite match the description of Forest Bondurant from the book (Forest had been kind of thin and gaunt since surviving the post WWI influenza outbreak that claimed his mother and sisters. Hardy is beefier because he had to bulk up for Bane in The Dark Knight Rises), his voice alone is enough to convince me that he’s the right man for the role. Full of smoke and the red clay of the Virginia mountains, a lifetime of drinking corn whiskey that would probably poison you or I, and most importantly…quiet menace…there is no trace of London at all.

I love Guy Pearce's look. I think he may be doing Paul Muni meets Lon Chaney. Excellent!

Lawless, which also stars Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain (who supposedly has some pretty steamy scenes with Tom Hardy), Mia Wasikowska, Noah Taylor and Dane DeHaan, will make screen at the Cannes Film Festival next month. It opens in the US on August 31, but is expected to screen at the Venice Film Festival earlier that month.


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