Video: Movie Trailer for 'Jeff Who Lives at Home'

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Jeff Who Lives at Home is the story of an aimless 30-something played by Jason Segel who, appropriately enough, is called Jeff and is still living in his mother’s house.  

Dispatched from his basement room on an errand for his mother (Susan Sarandon), slacker Jeff might discover his destiny (finally) when he spends the day with his older brother (Ed Helms) as they tracks the brother’s possibly adulterous wife (Judy Greer).

Today’s clip lays out that errand (expanding on what we saw in the first trailer) and gives us a pretty clear idea of Jeff’s relationship to his long-suffering mother. Segel, who has just said he won’t have any involvement in a proposed sequel to The Muppets (which both makes me sad – because they’ll do it anyway – and glad that Segel has the artistic integrity to want it to be a stand alone ‘one and done’) is pitch perfect here. It seems to me that he’s building on his character, Nick, from Freaks and Geeks.

I actually know someone who used to answer (or rather not answer) the phone like that. 

The film is written and directed by Jeff and Mark Duplass (Cyrus), so whatever else is going on here, there's going to be a soft gooey center full of heart. And whatever else the Duplass brothers have going for them, they have the ability to attract a great cast. Cyrus boasted Oscar winner Marisa Tomei, Oscar nominee John C. Reilly and (now Oscar nominee) Jonah Hill. Jeff Who Lives at Home made its debut at Sundance 2011 and then screened at TIFF in September. The film opens in the US on March 16 (up against 21 Jump Street, although I suspect they are not after the same market segment) and 20th April in the UK.


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