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Video: Movie Trailer for 'Here Comes the Boom' Starring Kevin James

I didn’t buy the trailer for  Here Comes the Boom, since never at any time have I watched Warrior, one of my favorite films of 2011 and thought, “Ya know…I love Tom Hardy and he’s a great actor and all, but I really wish that his role was played by a doughy, un-funny comedian”. Actually, in Here Comes the Boom, Kevin James’ character is more like Joel Edgerton’s than Tom Hardy’s.  He’s a teacher (check) that decides the quickest way to earn money is to enter the cage and fight MMA style (check) earning the disapproval of the head of his school (check).  The differences (oh where to begin):  1. He’s fighting not to save his house, but his school’s extracurricular activities 2. He’s not a retired MMA fighter, he’s an ex-high school wrestler.  3. Kevin James is not now nor ever will be in Joel Edgerton’s league. 

BUT in the interest of providing you with a complete picture of what is on offer at your local Cineplex, I give you these four new clips.

The movie is directed by Frank Coraci (The Waterboy, The Wedding Singer, Click as well as James’ last opus, Zookeeper) and co-stars Salma Hayek (as the woman James’ Scott Voss yearns for and despite the fact that he's not in HER league either, how much do you want to bet that he gets the girl anyway?), Henry Winkler and Joe Rogan.

The film also has the official endorsement of the number one MMA organization, the UFC.

The second Kevin James movie to be filmed here in the Bay State (after the above-mentioned Zookeeper- oh what a fine film that was!)  in the past few years, (and the fourth with James in it since both Grownups and Grownups 2 had the pleasure), Here Comes the Boom may have aspirations to be the next Warrior, or even the next Rocky since a lot of inspirational stuff pushes aside the “comedy”.  Stranger things have happened I suppose.

Here Comes the Boom opens in the US on October 12 and in the UK on 9th November.


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