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Flying Lessons, which is currently available on VOD here in the US, is about to get a theatrical release next month (December 7, a date which is filling up rapidly). There’s a theatrical trailer that you can watch below from Yahoo Movies. I have to say, if I didn’t know it was going to be released in theaters, I’d think this was a Lifetime or Hallmark Channel original.

“With her life at a crossroads, 28-year-old Sophie Conway (Maggie Grace) returns home to the small town she hasn't seen since high school. Once there she will not only have to face the friends and lovers she has left behind, but she'll also have to try and make sense of her tangled relationship with her mother (Christine Lahti) and Harry Pleasant (Hal Holbrook), and Alzheimer’s patient who in quite an opposite fashion, shares in Sophie’s struggle to remember.”

Derek Magyar makes his directorial debut from a script by first-time writer Thomas Kuehl. The supporting cast includes Cary Elwes, Jonathan Tucker and Michael O’Neill. Maggie Grace, who continues to perfect her niche as "the daughter",  has had her profile rise a lot higher in the three years since this movie was filmed. Perhaps it’s down to her recent turns in Taken, Taken 2, Lock-Out and the final two installments of The Twilight Saga that this is seeing the inside of the multiplex.

Flying Lessons is currently available through VoD, and will be in US theaters on December 7. No word yet on a UK release.

Is it me or does this trailer give away waaaaay too much?

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