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Video: Movie Trailer for 'Cosmopolis' Starring Robert Pattinson

Here’s a little eye-opener for your Thursday morning: We have a teaser for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. If anyone wondered, after the relatively staid approach he took to the potentially salacious sado-masochistic themes in A Dangerous Method, whether  Cronenberg had lost his edge, I think they’ll get their answer after watching this.

The eagerly awaited (by me)  adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel, Cosmopolis appears to be classic Cronenberg in the vein of Videodrome, Crash (from 1996, not the ’04 Paul Haggis film) and Eastern Promises. While his star may be tween heart-throb Robert Pattinson, it doesn’t appear that Cronenberg is courting the Twi-hard segment of the market by watering down the sex, violence, horror and general bizarre nature of things. That is excellent news for fans of Old-School Cronenberg.

The film follows a twenty-something billionaire, who fears he's going to be murdered, as he travels through Manhattan in a limo on the worst traffic day in record.  I’m not even going to demean him by calling him R-Patz. It seems to me that this could be the film that shuts the naysayers right the hell up.

Eric Packer( Pattinson) risks his entire fortune to bet against the yen on a tumultuous day, a move that puts him in an assassin's crosshairs as he moves from place to place in a limo in a study of capitalism that takes place in a slightly futuristic metropolis.

Also starring Samantha  Morton, Jay Baruchel, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, Sarah Gadon, Kevin Durand and Mathieu Almaric, Cosmopolis will open in France on May 23 which just about guarantees that they’re looking for a bow at Cannes before then. Nothing on the US (other than “2012”) or the UK dates. We’ll keep you posted.

The teaser is vaguely NSFW (most of the images fly right by so the boss looking over your shoulder probably won't get them):


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